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The Best of Bolvar: Lich King Memes

Lich  King memes incoming!  But first, some backstory…

Lich King Loading Screen History

For anyone that played World of Warcraft since the release of the Wrath of the Lich King Expansion, you’re probably familiar with the original Lich King loading screen featuring Arthas, complete with ice blue color palette that matched the WotLK expansion.  It looks like this:

The Lich King Arthas

When the Cataclysm expansion released, many of the loading screens were changed, including the one for Northrend. Following the story and incorporating more red/orange colors associated with Cataclysm, the new Lich King loading screen featuring Bolvar was released:

Cata Lich King Screen

It is this image of Bolvar in such an odd pose that stirred the imaginations of so many meme-makers.  I, personally, have had many laughs as I’ve encountered the various versions of this meme in my internet travels.  I’ve collected some of my favorites and included them here:

Lich King Meme Gallery


Which of these do you think is the best?  Or do you have some favorite Bolvar memes of your own?  If so, please share! I’d love to see what everyone else has found.

How Gamers Sleep: The Sleep Struggle is Real!

How Gamers SLeep

The struggle is REAL! Especially with MMO’s.  There’s always just one more achievement or that last bar of experience needed for a level.  These are the enemies of sleep for gamers.

For myself, this is a typical thought process that occurs:

“I’ll get off after this dungeon.  Well, let me clear my bags first.  Oh, and I need to repair.  What’s that you say?  You’re doing a run of that content I really need?  Oh, wow, I should do that now in case I can’t get a group together later.”




7 hours later…..

Gamers Never Sleep